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Refund Policy




The Elite Body Data 16 Week Macro Nutrition Coaching Program has E-Course Digital and Tele-Nutrition Coaching (email, phone and Marco Polo communication) components available to everyone and a In-Person Body Data Testing Services available to redeem at one of our facilities. Your satisfaction with both components of the Elite Body Data 16 Week Macro Nutrition Coaching Program is important to us. Yet, because of the extensive time, effort, preparation and care that goes into creating and providing these services to you, we need to have a no refund policy. As a result, by making the payment for the program you acknowledge your understanding that all sales are final and that no refunds are available except as provided below for the Nutrition Coaching Program.



We recommend you promptly contact us for assistance if you experience any issues accessing our digital e-course.


Once you have accessed the Elite Body Data e-course component of the program, no refunds are granted, including if you choose not to complete the e-course. If you are uncertain whether this program is for you, we recommend you first book a RISK-FREE consultation call to discuss your needs.



We are confident that our personal coaching program will help you lose fat. We also want you to be both successful and happy with our coaching program. And we believe in our program so much that we offer a Partial Money Back Commitment if you complete the following:


1) Log-on to: over a consecutive 16 week period;

2) Complete ALL the weekly modules over a consecutive 16 week period;

3) Complete ALL the weekly assignments & quizzes over this 16 week period;

4) Promptly submit ALL your recap reports over the 16 week period;

5) Don’t consume more than three alcoholic drinks per week over the 16 week period; and

6) Follow every macro plan with 95-100% compliance over the 16 week period.


We believe that if you commit and complete to the above listed items, you will lose body fat. We also believe that as a result you will look better in your favorite clothes and generally feel better!


To back up our commitment to assist you in losing body fat, we are offering a partial but unprecedented refund on the following terms:


If in Elite Body Data’s reasonable judgment you have successfully completed all of the above items and by the end of the 16 week period you have not lost at least 3% body fat from that you possessed at the outset of the course, Elite Body Data will refund $1299 to you! Please note that this refund does not include the $500 for the body data testing services rendered. Accordingly, if you properly complete the above items and do not get the indicated results, you may request the partial refund outlined above by sending an e-mail to within 72 hours of getting your last body fat test that evidences a loss of less than 3% body fat.



If you have any questions about our Refund Policy, please contact us at:

By email:

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